Logging in Using benefind

1.   Open your preferred internet browser.

2.   In the Search Bar, enter https://benefind.ky.gov.

3.   Click Log In.

4.   The Kentucky Online Gateway Log In screen displays.

5.   In the Username or Email Address field, enter your username or email.

6.   In the Password field, enter your password.

7.   Click Log In.

8.   The benefind Dashboard displays.

9.   In the Quick Links section, under Other, click Manage ETP Participation in Citizen Connect. This button is available if you have applied for SNAP, or if you have received SNAP benefits in the past.

10.  The Citizen Connect Dashboard screen displays. Use this screen to view the following:

a.   My Activity Tracker: Displays the number of hours you have completed and the number of hours you should complete to reach your monthly goal. The tracker displays activity for the last 3 months in green, red, or yellow, depending on your compliance that month:

i.      Green: Displays if you have met your monthly participation goal.  

ii.    Yellow: Displays if you have not met your monthly participation goal yet, but you still have time to enter additional hours.

iii.  Red: Displays if you did not meet your monthly participation goal by the 7th of the following month.

b.   My Appointments: Displays any upcoming appointments you may have at a Career Center.

11.  If the Access Denied screen displays, you do not have access to Citizen Connect. Contact your local DCBS office for more information.


Please Note: Hours covered under good cause requests do not display here. If you have submitted a good cause request, please contact DCBS to verify if these hours have been approved.


Please Note: Hours spent completing job applications also do not display here. Check the My Activities screen to view a list of job applications you have submitted for the current month. Remember, you must complete 12 job applications in 30 days if you are placed in the job application E&T activity.


Last Updated: 10/26/2017